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Ratrod Chest of Drawers 2014 - Ratrod Inspired Chest of Drawers

This signature series piece is a tribute to the early days of hotrodding. Created from Ash, Cherry and Red Birch, it features an original 1929 radiator shell with original patina. This piece has three dovetailed drawers and is finished in a hand rubbed shellac.

For approximately eight years a 1929 radiator shell hung on the shop wall as wall art; consequently, I always found myself gazing at this piece and thought how cool it would be to turn it into something more functional yet retain its aesthetic appeal. Well, after numerous ideas this rat rod chest was born.

I was inspired by the early days of hotrodding when teenagers or juvenile delinquents as they were called by many, took to the streets in transformed early twenties cars and made them lighter and faster thus creating the term hot-rod. Most of these kids did not have a lot of money at their disposal nor did they have the components; as a result, they made do with what they had on hand and/or created the components necessary to give them an edge. This is how many great names in the industry got started, so this is how I decided to create the chest.

I looked around the shop and found red birch, cherry and ash lying around and of course the radiator shell. The front three drawers I decided to mimic a racing strip hence the darker center drawer. There are a few little screws that I had purposely placed staggered and unspaced to mimic functionality over cosmetic appeal. One last item, the red color of the cherry and red birch lends itself nicely to enhance the feeling of red oxide primer which for many of these vehicles was how they were left.

This chest would make an interesting conversation piece providing functionality while adorning one's living space.

Do you want a cool piece of functional art with historical reference, then commission one of these chests. They are perfect for the avid car collector and/or hot-rod enthusiast alike.

This chest will be a limited edition piece with each one possessing minor nuances.

modern vibe furniture

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