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Can I have an end table built to a specific height?
What is Soft Maple?
Do you ship?
What is a hand rubbed finish?
Do you only use the woods shown?
What is the price for custom furniture.
Who is the retailer Practical Art?


Q:  Can I have an end table built to a specific height?

A:  Yes - The furniture showcased in the gallery may be customized to suit your requirements. Height and width may be altered as long as the intended vision and esthetic is preserved.


Q:  What is Soft Maple?

A:  There are many different types of Maple: hard, soft, country, curly and so forth. I offer soft maple because it is a nice cost effective wood and it shares the same hardness rating as Cherry. Hardness is measured using the Janka rating system and shows the pressure "to mar" in pounds.
Hard Maple: 1,450
Soft Maple has the same rating as Cherry: 950


Q:  Do you ship?

A:  I will ship smaller items and those pieces that do not require a crate.


Q:  What is a hand rubbed finish?

A:  A hand rubbed finish is when you finish the finish. The topcoat is sanded to remove any dust and dirt embedded. Then for me I will go over the sanded surface with either 0000 steel wool lubricated with mineral oil and begin rubbing with the grain. When this is completed, a high quality wax is applied. Sometimes, the piece is required to have a high gloss finish. In this case, the topcoat is leveled and then I will either use pumice and finish that with rottenstone. Going over the leveled surface with increasing higher grits will remove all scratches and then polishing the surface produces the high luster.


Q:  Do you only use the woods shown?

A:  No - Custom pieces may be created out of any North American sustainable wood species.
The wood species shown are harvested out of sustainable forest management areas as part of the sustainable forestry initiative.


Q:  What is the price for custom furniture.

A:  The price displayed is an approximate price to have a piece created. If your requirements are drastically different than the sample, then there will be a board feet adjustment for the extra wood needed.
Ex: My coffee tables are all 4 feet in length. Suppose you would like a 6 foot one built. Well, there will be an extra charge for the additional 2+ feet of wood needed to complete your order. You will know the exact price when you call to place an order.


Q:  Who is the retailer Practical Art?

A:  A few of my pieces are being hosted and exclusively sold at Practical art. They are located on Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.


modern vibe furniture

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